Schools Systems announcing variations of going back to school in our area

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) This is the week many local school boards are announcing how they will reopen schools this year.

So far, we’ve seen regular openings, hybrid openings and delayed openings.

Here are the plans announced this week:


Hybrid opening beginning August 31st.  For the first two weeks, students will only attend in person 2 days a week, with virtual learning on Wednesdays.  On Sept. 14 they will resume 5 days a week.


Like Dalton, a hybrid reopening. Half of the students attend 2 days a week, the other half on two other days, with a day of virtual learning. Also an option for all virtual learning.


Delaying start of school to August 25th, with a staggered schedule the first week. Bledsoe schools normally resume the first week of August.


Option B: Per Governor Cooper schools will operate at 50% occupancy with social distancing in place. All K-12 students are required to wear washable cloth masks the duration of the school day, be screened for a temperature of less than 100.4 degrees, and will practice mandatory sanitation protocols.  Schools open Aug. 17th.


Normal opening August 7th


Last week, the school board announced an alternate schedule for Secondary Schools only.  They will resume 5 days a week on Aug. 17th.


The county is sharing their model to determine what kind of schooling students will return to.  It is based solely on the number of active Covid-19 cases in the county.  Right now we are in the transition zone between Phase 2 and 3.  That means the schools are preparing for reduced days on campus, but not there yet.

Wednesday’s report on active cases has gone up to 1,611.  That still is more than 200 cases short of Phase 2. But as you can see from the bar graph below, the trend has been going up the last 8 days.

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