Search finds missing 12 year old autistic boy in time

CHATSWORTH, Georgia (WDEF) – A 12 year old boy with autism disappeared for hours on Halloween night, but thankfully, he was rescued by the efforts of his community.

It was a dramatic scene forcing Matthew Hopkins family to go into panic mode along with what seemed like the entire Murray County community.

Last night hundreds of people, locals, neighbors and officials exhausted their effort, searching for 12 year old Matthew Hopkins through these woods.

Matthew has autism. He is also non-verbal.

It is said that he wandered off late in the afternoon on Halloween.

Murray County Sheriff Gary Langford Murray County Sheriff said “He was found in the creek here, he’s alive, he’s wet, he’s cold.”

Officials dedicated their search all through the night in an effort to return Matthew to safety.

A restless community also played a major role, taking the initiative to help with the extended late in the night during freezing temperatures.

“Probably around 200 to 250 people started searching.”

With every second feeling like precious time being wasted and a community fearing the worst, Murray County received the best news of the night. Matthew Hopkins was found okay.

Rescuers carried him out on a 4 wheeler and wrapped in blankets trying to keep warm. He was then put on the EMS and transported to the hospital.

The Sheriff concluded the night by saying “For something to end like this and it’s not a tragedy, this is a great night.”

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