Seatbelt Violation Leads to Meth Arrest for LaFayette Police

LAFAYETTE,GA, (WDEF)-LaFayette Police Chief, Bengie Clift,"If you just go out here and pay attention to things and you pay attention to the small details it will lead you to bigger things because this was a daylight stop."

A stop at which 47 year old Stacey Wallin, who was out on probation was a passenger, in a red Dodge caravan.

Clift added,"The passenger who didn’t have his seat-belt on was very jittery very nervous."

Officers say they found the tag on the car driven by Wallin’s friend Tammy Moore had expired and when they did a full body check on Wallin charged him with possession of methamphetamine.

"Small container, plastic container, containing what appeared to be at that time crystal methamphetamine he secured the suspect in the back of his vehicle," says Clift.

Wallin is currently being detained at Walker County jail  in LaFayette and he has previous charges dating back to 2012 for driving under the influence and driving on a revoked license.

Adam Cole,Former Neighbor of Wallin,"They shouldn’t be putting stuff on the street like pseudoephederine if they quit let people get it in the store just take it off the market."

Others say meth is a problem in LaFayette and North Georgia but one that is now moving to the west side of the town.

Charles Broom, Former Neighbor of Wallin,"Everybody is coming in and it’s a very nice community and I look forward to living in a safe environment because there are other trailer parks that have a bad rep but i think we have come along way."

Just a few weeks ago in a separate incident a LaFayette woman was arrested for the illegal possession of a schedule III anti-anxiety drug after stealing her cousin’s truck.

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