Second Opening Act Added to Kane Brown Show

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — If you haven’t seen the billboards all over town, Kane Brown has added a second opening act on Saturday night.

Restless Road is joining Brown once again for his hometown show at Finley Stadium.

They’ve already opened for the Tennessee Valley native on the first leg of his “Blessed and Free” tour.

“We’ve learned so much from Kane,” said Colton Pack of Restless Road. “We’ve been able to put that into play when we’ve been doing our first ever headline show, so it’s been absolutely incredible.”

The group has known Kane for awhile now. Pack and fellow Restless Road member Zach Beeken first met Kane on the X Factor TV show back in 2013.

“He was supposed to actually be a part of Restless Road, and then he ended up going on to become Kane Brown, and then it just speaks to Kane’s character, when he always thought of us, and remembered us. So we all go back together in 2019, and have been running with it since. It’s been fun,” Pack said.

Pack, Beeken, and Garrett Nichols are the first artists to sign with Kane’s label – 1021 Entertainment. And they’ve been busy ever since.

“We got to do the tour, sign the deal, and then now we’re on our own headline tour. Got a song at radio, so everything seems to be moving,” Pack said.

“Always writing songs, and we’re about to go in soon and cut a couple more so people can expect a couple more songs from Restless Road soon,” Nichols said.

Their favorite song right now is “Growing Old With You,” which they even performed on The Bachelor in January.

It seems to be a hit with their fans too. Couples keep getting engaged during the song at their shows!

“I think we’re going to have to get ordained, because I think this type of stuff might happen more and more, and we’ve got to be ready,” Beeken said.

“It’s really a big song for us, and it’s just, our fans are showing us how they’re getting married to it, how they’re proposing, so I think for us that’s been the big payoff, you know, in our career so far. Seeing the impact of our music,” Nichols said.

This interaction with their fans is what they love so much about performing. Even when they’re out on the road away from family.

“That’s what makes everything feel worth it, because sometimes when you’re grinding, you just don’t know how it’s going to pay off, but that moment when you meet someone, and your music is part of their life, that kind’ve makes the whole process feel kind’ve complete, and it’s just been so special to meet so many people,” Beeken said.

We’ll see if there are any more proposals on Saturday night.

You can get tickets to the show with Restless Road, Walker Hayes, and of course Kane Brown, at

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