Second Presbyterian Church

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF)- Every week WDEF will highlight a local church and this week, Chief Photographer David Moore takes a tour of Second Presbyterian Church.

This church was originally built in 1891. The cornerstone was laid in that year. The structure itself was built by the same gentleman that designed the war memorial stadium. The seating capacity is about 300 people. The congregation currently is about 150 to 160 people. It’s somewhat an older congregation. The church redesigned the educational wing to accommodate their needs.
The sanctuary is one of the oldest parts of the church. Some of these pillars have been raised. This is part of the structure that helped push the church up a little bit back in the day because of the flooding that occurred. So this would have been in the same vein in the Market Street and the Broad Street areas. 
It’s an old gym. Sometimes the kids will come down  to play a little basketball. They have a group that likes to meet here in the mornings and play a little mini tennis. 
Saint Matthews’s shelter is here and it’s run by the community kitchen. 
They came with the church. They’ve all been dedicated to various Pastors and beneficiaries to the church. Unfortunately, because they are downtown, the outside  had to have plastic over them. So they are not as radiant outside as they certainly are from the inside.
Anyone can join the church, the service starts at 11 am. 
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