How Does a Second Recount Impact Georgia Taxpayers?

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- A margin of less than point 5 percent allows the Trump Campaign to request a recount in the state of Georgia.

This will be the third count to take place, a process funded by Georgia tax payers.

“The Trump campaign should really pay for it” says Dr. David Boyle of the Walker County Democratic Committee.

Dr. Boyle believes another recount will drain finances around the state, “Some of these smaller counties are already struggling. Their tax collections are down and we need that emergency covid bill that The House passed back in May to help counties and cities.”

“I think that the people of Georgia, especially Walker County, we would volunteer and we’re not being paid to do a recount. So it’s not costing a lot” says Nancy Burton.

Burton is the Chair of the Walker County Republican Party and was in attendance during the ballot recount.

Unlike Dr. Boyle, she thinks a second recount is necessary.

“It’s well worth the time and energy to find out if the signatures match. That was one of my first concerns” says Burton.

Georgia’s Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling says assistance will be provided to help alleviate financial burdens.

“The biggest cost obviously is personnel and they need to keep a separate account for that. We’re going to try to look for a way to do a cost sharing on that using our federal ‘Help America Vote Act’ dollars.

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