Second Suspect Still at Large in Whitfield County

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- Law enforcement said Jonathan Hosmer was in the passenger seat the morning Dalton Potter fired gunshots at a Whitfield County deputy.

An anonymous tip led to him being taken into custody.

“In fact it was accurate and found him just lying beside a telephone pole. Basically gave up -uneventful. I think he was just tired and worn out”said Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood.

Whitfield County Sheriff Chitwood says Hosmer doesn’t know where Potter is hiding.

“He did say whenever the accident occurred after the traffic stop and they ran off I-75 south, he did state that they split up. So he said ‘I have no idea where he’s at’.”

Over 30 hours into the investigation, every possible hiding spot within the area is being searched.

“We’re still very heavily patrolling. We do still have some groups on the ground. We’re back tracking anywhere that we have a sighting we’ll be checking those sheds, and barns and chicken houses even more thoroughly.”

Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office believe Potter is still hiding within a a 2 mile radius of the Carbondale exit.

Sheriff Chitwood is urging anyone to contact the sheriff’s office if they see Potter.

“Stay in touch with us if you see anything please, please call. Don’t take anything for granted.”

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