Sen. Bob Corker talks his future, reasons for retirement, and Manning as possible candidate

Sen. Bob Corker announced yesterday that he will not seek reelection next year. Corker met with reporters in Washington today to respond to more questions about his future, and the reasons for his decision.

Bob Corker, the former Chattanooga mayor and confidant of President Trump, said today that his retirement announcement had nothing to do with senate failures to repeal the Affordable care act or other legislation.

“People are talking about things like frustration..and all of that…I can assure you that none of that uh, had anything to do with my decision.”

Corker told a news conference it was always his intention to only run for two terms. But he admits, it was not an easy decision.

“It was a tough decision, when you are chairman of the foreign relations committee and you can make a phone call to almost anybody in the world and they will pick up…and you can have influence over any thing that’s happening…its a very difficult job to leave.”

Corker says its possible that Governor Bill Haslam may look at his senate job in 2018—and it could be even Peyton Manning who becomes a candidate.

“He’s just a good person. I hope someday he will enter public service. I know that he’s enjoying the private time with his kids. He’s coaching a 6 year old football team. I don’t think at this time he wants all you guys calling him right now about this.. ok, I’ll just be honest, so please don’t.”

Corker has criticized President Trump on several counts..and received a blast from the White house…but the two are still in contact…as recently as a phone call Monday night.

“We have a unique relationship. I’ve been very direct, and uh he’s been very direct. Um, but we, we, um and much of what I’ve said that you might consider constructive criticism, I have said privately, you know we’ve had dinner together to talk about those things. I say what I say and do what I do not to get a pound of flesh, but I say what I say and I do what I do to try to alter the way things are going.”

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