Sen. Loeffler and Rev. Warnock U.S. Senate Runoff Debate

WALKER COUNTY, Tenn. (Tenn.)- Senator Kelly Loeffler and Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock faced off during another debate.

This time, on a national scale.

The latest debate between Senator Kelly Loeffler and Rev. Raphael Warnock began with Loeffler addressing fraud allegations by President Trump.

“It’s vitally important that Georgians trust our election process and the President has every right to every legal recourse” said Sen. Loeffler.

While Democratic candidate Warnock ability to separate chruch and state was on the agenda.

“The thing about me running for the senate is that this gives me an opportunity to work on this issues I’ve been working on for years” said Rev Warnock. “I’ve been fighting for access to affordable health care. I’ve been fighting for voting rights. I’ve been fighting for essential workers and ordinary people because I know what it’s like to be an ordinary person.”

According to State Election Official Gabriel Sterling, Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger along with elections workers have been subject to threats, some deadly. Moderators asked Senator Loeffler to denounce the violence.

“As someone who has been the subject of threats and violence I absolutely denounce it but here’s what’s at stake; The future of our country hangs on this state having free fair trusted elections” said Sen. Loeffler.

With much being made about President Trump’s refusal to concede, Stacy Abrams unwillingness to concede in the governors race because of voter suppression allegations was referenced.  

“Voter suppression is something that happens all across our country” said Rev. Warnock. “It’s happened here in the state of Georgia but Stacy Abrams did not refuse to acknowledge the fact that her opponent was the governor. Here we are several weeks after the elction and Kelly Loeffler continues to cast doubt on an American Democratic election. It’s time to put this behind us and get focused on the concerns of ordinary people.”

The Georgia election results will be certified Monday, December 6th which is also the last day to register to vote for the runoff elections.

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