Sen. Mullis bill protecting Georgia monuments passes

ATLANTA (WDEF) – A bill proposed by Senator Jeff Mullis protecting Georgia monuments was passed on Friday.

The Senate agreed to changes made by the House.

The goal of the bill was to protect all monuments in Georgia, not just specific historical markers like Confederate ones.

“While current law provides protections for certain monuments in Georgia, Senate Bill 77 would extend these protections to all monuments,” said Sen. Mullis.

“This legislation is all about protecting, respecting and preserving the history of Georgia for future generations of citizens to learn from. This bill puts provisions in place to ensure that monuments are not unduly disrespected or hidden and establishes penalties for those who choose to defile our monuments.”

Senator Mullis says his bill would prohibit removing or concealing a monument located on private or state property.

Violators would have to pay damages triple the amount of financial losses suffered.


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