Senior Matters: 97 year old Paul George

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Many people who get past 90 are focused on family and their own needs.

Most can’t spend their days helping others, but Paul George does.

You’ll likely run into him at the Brainerd Baptist Church B-X.

However, tonight, he’s our focus on Senior Matters.

Here’s News 12’s Bill Mitchell.

He uses a walker these days, but at the age of 97 Paul George doesn’t let that stop him from working the desk at the B-X several days a week.
He’s been a member of the church since 1966.

“we came here because it was closer for the children .”  “..I just have two.”

“Father’s Day kinda hits me pretty hard…cause my son is 72 ..laughs.. ..I have three grandkids and 4 great grand kids..and one of them great grandchildren has a driver’s license this year.”

Paul is a world war two veteran—a Coast Guardsman in the south Pacific.
He keeps a few momentos of that time in his life..including some black and white photos of people and events.

He was a young ensign serving on an LST toward the end of the war. In his batch of memories is the Battle of Iwo Jima….where his ship later transferred a thousand Japanese to North Korea. But he was off the coast and watching what would become one of the most famous events of the war..marines raising of the American Flag over IWO JIMA.

After the war Paul was a mechanical engineer working at Combustion in Chattanooga.

Today…he’s anxious to talk about his 70 year marriage and what he says is the secret of a successful relationship.

“WELL, what I feel like is Christ was the middle of that…both of you love Christ, the closer you get …the triangle…Christ and the 2 of you..the closer you get to Christ the closer you are together. ”

Paul lost his wife in 2013.

He usually takes a nap every afternoon at the B-X…but he never regrets spending his time there despite his health issues..

“I wish I could do more.”

” I broke my right hip in 15, and broke my left hip in 17.”

But Paul George is still giving back to his community every day at the age of 97..

For Senior Matters, Bill Mitchell News 12 Now.

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