Senior Matters: Students teach adults about the digital world in Cyber Seniors

Two years ago, a Chattanooga state professor created Cyber Seniors, a free workshop especially for older adults.

The workshop was a big hit and the classes every year are more in demand.

The training session was held this week.

News 12’s Bill Mitchell tells us the program not only helps older people, but it’s great for the students, as well.

It’s Tonight’s Senior Matters.

Today’s seniors are not just concerned with rest, relaxation and grandkids.

The Cyber Seniors program at Chatt State filled the room again.

Savitha Pinnepalli created the Cyber Seniors program, with support from Chattanooga State’s Engineering and Economic Workforce Development divisions.

“We had a lot of people requesting know repeat classes….some of them couldn’t get in the last cycle..they were on the wait list. So we do this once a’s called service learning project.”

We wanted to know—What do you especially want to take away from this class?

Retiree Mary Carol Kileff tells us ” I suppose to back up my phone and learn how to download, settings and learn how to use passwords and do more searching..find out how to do an application ..I really don’t know much about it yet.”

The class is taught by students at Chatt state and some from UTC.

Eddy Henle says “We learned a lot about commonalities that the older generation goes through …going through gmail and what could be dangerous and what’s safe.”

Engineering dean Tremain Powell adds  “it basically gives the students a chance to give back. So they take not only things that they learned but stuff that they’ve experienced and they basically learn how to communicate with people and actually teach.”

Some seniors, like Howard Roddy are doing it for the second year in a row.

“I came last year and I really enjoyed it..learned a lot. And I thought I would learn even more.”

No matter what level the seniors are on…the young students assessed their current technology skills and customized their training for that person.

The Cyber Seniors program works for all involved…experienced adults and ambitious students. This teaching opportunity will likely be around for a long time.

For Senior Matters…Bill Mitchell….news 12 Now.

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