Several Hunter Middle School Boys Suspended for Inappropriate Touching

Ooltewah, TN (WDEF) – Hunter Middle School is teaching their students about the importance of personal space, after several boys were suspended for inappropriate touching.

According to the school’s Assistant Principal, Karyn Cox, approximately 20 girls in the 8th grade came forward to report the incidents. Each claimed 15 boys touched and grabbed them inappropriately in the hallway.

Seven of the boys admitted to the incidents and were immediately suspended. Cox said when something like that is reported, the school handles it as quickly as possible to make sure the students feel they’re in a safe environment.

“Our guidance councilor has spent quite some time with (the girls) explaining the importance of their body, and their space,” said Cox, “We hope that they learn their self worth, and what is appropriate and what isn’t.”

The seven boys were suspended for two days, and will be allowed to return to school on Monday.

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