Shane Daughetee Memorial Dedication

HARRISON, TN (WDEF) – Jim Daughetee, Shane’s father, says, "Makes us feel good because every time we get to drive by, we know he’s still there."

A brand new memorial highway sign stands tall, just like Shane Daughetee’s family, tall and proud.

They remember the young man who ran into a burning home seven years ago in hopes of saving lives.

Linda Daughetee adds, "As a mother, every day I wake up and I’m without him."

Shane was just 24 when the floor he was standing on gave way to flames.

He fell into the basement and the roof collapsed on top of him.

Linda says, "Nobody should lose a child."

Nicole Daughetee also lost a husband.

The dedication is fitting, since Shane’s family says he showed his dedication to fighting fires every single day, starting at age 17.

Jim adds, "He was just dedicated to things. When he decided to do something, he was very dedicated to it."

Shane’s dedication never went unrecognized.

Just weeks before his death, Shane earned the title of Firefighter of the Year.

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger, says, "We should all as a community be extremely proud of commitment, his dedication, and what he’s done in public service, giving the ultimate sacrifice."

You can tell that Shane will be remembered long after the highway sign gives way to old age.

The sign will extend from Harrison Bay Road North to Mahan Gap Road.

The family that Shane was trying to save made it out of the burning home.

However, other firefighters were injured trying to get to Shane.

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