Shelby Pompora Wants Her Spring City Students To Feel Positive About School

Shelby Pompora always wanted to be a teacher.  But as a student, she wasn’t the easiest child to have in the classroom.  "I remember what its like to be really little and try and sit still and you want to get up out of your chair and run around."

As a child, Pompora’s teachers showed her patience.  Now, she offers that same kindness to her students.

Parent Misti McCord says "she really makes sure they are getting what they need, not just academically, but emotionally to make sure they’re supported."  McCord thought her son would need to be home schooled, due to speech issues and discomfort around others.  "Since he’s been here with Miss Pompora, he’s been just like everyone else.  He talks to the other children."

Principal Shane Johnston says "she’s brought a lot of innovative strategies.  The parents are very high on her, she communicates well with her parents."

Pompora went into teaching to be inspired.  She says watching children learn and grow is the most wonderful thing to see daily.  "I can still remember when one of my little kids was sitting here at the reading table and he looked up at me and he just said I’m reading."

Pompora takes her job seriously, understanding she’s responsible for the first impression many students will have about school.  "This could potentially last with them for a lifetime so that’s why I try really really hard to make sure they have a positive and loving, nurturing environment."

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