Sheriff Ray Cross talks about the chase that injured Major Tommy Bradford

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – After yesterday’s high speed chase, Major Tommy Bradford and his family are starting the process of healing, both physically and mentally.

His wife says the Major underwent surgery on his hip on Friday and faces more surgery later in the week.

Also on Wednesday, Bradford’s boss talked for the first time since the incident on Tuesday.

The Dade County Sheriffs Office is more than a police force; its a brotherhood.

“Chad might have a different last name, come from a different family but hes still my brother, just like Tommy’s my brother.”

That brotherhood is being tested as Major Tommy Bradford is trying to recover from critical injuries after being ran over while trying to stop yesterday’s high speed chase.

“He had just a few seconds to decide what to do. He was trying to do the right thing and deploy the spike strips and she targeted him, coming at him and she struck him. He had no way to get out of the way.”

Sheriff Ray Cross has worked with Major Bradford for years and was emotional talking about his condition during today’s press conference.

“He is not only as you say, an officer, a major, but he’s my friend. His wife is my secretary and we love him dearly and his kids.”

Deputy John Price believes Major Bradford and his family will make it through, but not without the support of the community.

“We have one of the best communities there ever is. He needs a lot of prayer and a lot of support. I mean, him and his wife and his kids they’re going to need a lot of support, a lot of emotional support. She’s going through a lot, but with Major Bradford, they’ll get through everything. It’ll just take some time.”

In a Facebook Statement, Major Bradford’s wife said he is in stable condition, but still has a long way to go.
To help out Major Bradford and his family, the Dade County Sheriff’s office is setting up a medical expense fund at Bank of Dade and the Piney Grove Baptist Church is hosting a blood drive.

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