Shooting victim testifies in Stephen Mobley’s trial

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — During the first day of Stephen Mobley’s double homicide trial the surviving victim took the stand.

Mobley is accused of shooting and killing Jasmine Hines and Rashaud Taylor at a home on Pinewood Drive on Labor Day of 2016. He is also accused of shooting Zirrshaddia Scott, who survived.

“I called their names several times. They weren’t moving. I just seen a lot of blood so I knew it wasn’t good,” Scott said.

Scott called 911.

“Two of my friends our dead and I am shot up bad,” she told the dispatcher.

Before being shot she says they were all partying, some of it was streamed on Facebook live to Hines’ account. Scott says she had Xanax, marijuana, and had been drinking. She blacked out. Scott says she doesn’t know who shot her.

She says Mobley had asked her for Xanax and she said no. When they were at a club, he wanted to play pool at her table and she didn’t want that.

When they went back to the house, she says Mobley saw her get sick in the bathroom.

“We leave the bathroom and that is when he is like everybody got to go. She is throwing up,” Scott said.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys laid out their version of what happened to the jury.

“Disrespect lead to double murder,” said Kevin Brown, a prosecutor.

“There are so many unanswered questions in this case including who did it,” said Eliza Williams, a defense attorney.

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