Shop holds Exit 111 yard sale

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – On Wednesday, The Gear Closet held a festival yard sale.

There were tents.

There were grills, sleeping bags and more.

“If you can give new life to something then might as well. It kind of helps everyone,” employee Savanna Wooten said.

A group salvaged the stuff from the Exit 111 Festival.

Local nonprofit WaterWays partnered with festival waste management company Clean Vibes to get the gear.

“People fly into these festivals and so they’ll come. They’ll buy equipment and they won’t take it home with them. And so that’s our side of things. We’ll grab that stuff and then we’ll resell it. So it gets another use and another use and another use,” Wooten said.

This was the third festival yard sale they’ve had this year.

They normally clean up at Bonnaroo.

They sell that stuff too, in what’s become a popular, annual yard sale.

“Usually, we count on that sale to kind of pay our rent for the whole year,” Wooten said.

Profits from The Gear Closet benefit WaterWays.

They focus on water quality health in Chattanooga.

“So we do a lot of environmental education. So, we have these clubs called stream teams in the schools and so we focus a lot on getting kids invested in their water quality health, watershed health and also we do a lot of general community outreach,” Wooten said.

The yard sales connect people to their group and save goods that otherwise would’ve been thrown away.

The shop closed at six, but they will continue to sell what they have left on Thursday.

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