Shop With A Cop

For more than twenty years, the Shop with a Cop initiative has provided Christmas presents to children in need who would not otherwise receive gifts this holiday season.

Children participating have been nominated by Child Protective Services or police officers and the toys they pick out are already paid for.

5-year old Aaudrey says shopping for Christmas gifts is harder than it looks.

And in a place like Toys R Us, some say its hard to commit.

"Especially the younger ones they really get overwhelmed with the amount of choices that they have. But as they get older they seem to already know exactly what they want so they can go pretty quick," says Sean O’Brien with the Fraternal Order of Police Rock City Lodge #22.

Officer Stephen Huckabee was paired up with Aaudrey and he says it too a while to make their selections.

"She had a hard time picking out her princess dolls," says Huckabee.

The Shop with a Cop initiative provides Christmas presents for kids in need in the community, who would not otherwise receive gifts this holiday season.

"They dont have to pay a thing for them," says O’Brien.

Contributions to the fund provided each child with $125 dollars to spend.

Roughly 40 officers accompanied the shoppers to help calculate purchases and prioritize their selections.

"We were a little over so we had to kind of recalculate what we needed to get," says Huckabee.

One things for sure, Disney’s Elsa from the movie Frozen was a must-have.

"I got a dress, an Elsa doll, the movie Elsa," says Aaudrey.

Officers describe this event as a humbling experience.

"I feel blessed in the life that I’ve had so its rewarding to be able to pass it along," says O’Brien.

"It’s really humbling and a great event. I’m glade I could be a part of it," says Huckabee. 


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