Show-Me-Reptiles brings scaly companions to East Ridge

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Show-Me-Reptiles hosted the Show-Me Trade show today and filled the East Ridge community center with a selection of scaly pets.

The Missouri-based company hosts expos across the country with a simple mission in mind: educate the public about the fantastic nature of reptiles.

Sam “Show-Me-Sam” Roy, said that reptiles are just like any other pet, “They’re really just as affectionate as any other dog or animal out there. They come up to you when you go up to the front of their cage and they recognize you, even by your scent. We’re just here to show people that they’re like any other house-pet and everyone deserves them”

These expos give the spotlight to local vendors. Through events like these they can spread awareness about reptiles as pets, sell their products, or move their snakes, lizards and geckos to a new home…

{Brent Bailey, owner of Exquisite Balls and Exotic Pets said that trade shows are an important aspect of his life. “I feel like the shows are really important because you get breeders like myself out here and able to educate the public and give them the right information. Because you can go online and one site might say this and one site might say that and not even be right. But when you have someone who produces an animal and breeds it and helps it thrive you know that you’re getting good information.”

This weekend marks the first expo of the year for Chattanooga. The event lasts through tomorrow, and Show-Me-Reptiles will be making a return in June.

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