Signal Mountain grocery controversy

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tennessee (WDEF) – Signal Mountain mayor Chris Howley says a published report about a scheduled city council meeting Wednesday was misleading.

Over the weekend a group of residents staged a protest about a proposed 38-thousand square foot grocery store on Taft highway.

The mayor says the Wednesday meeting was not called to rush into an agreement with the developers but because there was not quorum at the last meeting.

Howley says he just wanted to bring the staff and council up to date.

In order for such a project to move forward, said Mayor Howley, it would have to clear a zoning hearing set for June 13th, and two votes by the council.

“I think you’ve got groups on all sides of this that are dealing in what I would call some fake news and already established opinions of everybody on the council which I think they are totally inaccurate, but uh nothing that I’m concerned about legally from either side. We’ve crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s and done what we’re supposed to do. ”

There are several store-fronts on the site.

The mayor tells news 12, that if council rejects the idea, there would not need to be a zoning meeting on the 13th.

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