Signal Mountain’s Community Effort

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN,TENN.(WDEF)- Friday morning kicked off the start of the 3rd annual “Signal Mountain Blanket Drive” for the Humane Society and Mckamey Animal Center.

Those who participate have the chance to win a dinner for four delivered by “Simple 2 Elegant Personal Chef Service” or a Christmas Basket.

It’s a community organized event in effort to donate blankets, toys, food, beds, and money this holiday season.

An affiliate of the “Simple 2 Elegant Personal Chef Service” spoke about the motivation behind the event:

“We just have a love for animals. All of us. Me Jeffrey and Kristi. We just all decided that why not do this and Signal Mountain is very generous. This time of the year and all times of the year the animals coming in are dirty and they have to clean up. They’re cold and they have to have a blanket to sleep on. They go through lots of towels and blankets bringing in animals every year. So it’s just worked out to be great.”


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