“Skip-Scanning” Raises Concerns about Self-Checkouts

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF)-Dalton Police are searching for a woman who they believe committed theft at a dollar store. They believe she was using a method called “skip-scanning” at the Dollar General at 511 North Glenwood Avenue.

What is skip-scanning? Skip-scanning is when a customer deliberately decides not to scan an item but still puts it in their checkout bag.

According to employees at the Dollar General location, they are accusing the woman of underpaying for her items. Through videos at the store, they believe she was switching barcodes on items in order to pay less than the value of the item than it’s worth. When confronted, she only purchased a portion of the goods she was initially going to get.

If you search up the term, skip-scanning, you’ll find that it is no rare occurrence. For example if you type up the words skip scanning on Tik Tok, the combined videos return over 800 million views of employees and customers alike showing examples of skip-scanning.

We asked on our Facebook page earlier if viewers had issues with self-checkout, which garnered over 150 comments. The majority of the comments were negative towards the widespread adoption of self-checkout. One viewer wrote, “It’s a pain.” Another wrote that they quote, “know several good, honest people who have been arrested for scanning mistakes and now have a record.” And the thread of issues keeps on and on down the page at a variety of stores.

This lines up with a 2021 survey that found that two-thirds of respondents had at least one issue at self-checkout.

Despite the issues and unpopularity, self-checkout will be a process that seemingly is here to stay as usage increases.


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