Sky-rocketing Sales Of Fireworks For East Ridge

EAST RIDGE,TN, (WDEF)-Red White and Blue, big ones, small ones and everything in between as customers roam the aisles of East Ridge’s Firework super stores.

At Phantom Fireworks in East Ridge they say their sales are up 33% from last year as families just keep on coming in to buy fireworks"

"Buy two get one free and when you spend 400 everything becomes half off"

But staff say their deals and bargains keep them busy all year round.

Christina Martin, Phantom Fireworks,"On 4th July, New Years, but we are open all year round so we see people all year"

Directly across i75, family owned Dixieland Fireworks say their Black Cat brand has shoppers driving more than 100 miles in recent days.

Keesha Woodard, Dixieland Fireworks"Oldest name brand fireworks made, it’s the best, there are no duds, best quality as far as color, height, best one made"

Dixieland Fireworks added they have a strict over 16’s purchase policy.

Parkridge Medical Professionals advise to check the brand name before you purchase to avoid ending up in ER.

Dr Hal Parker, Parkridge ER Physician,"Some people do make their own fireworks at times but also to purchase them from a reputable place as well to make sure what you are handling is safely manufactured"

Dr Parker says the majority of the cases in his ER are when people play with fireworks under the influence.

"If alcohol is involved, responsible decisions don’t get made, people tend to hurt themselves and others so you want to make sure your 4th of July is one of those fun family weekends that we all love to enjoy as Americans"

East Ridge City officials say they hope all shoppers to their city are safe this weekend and added their fire department are ready to respond to any incidents in their area.

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