Skyuka Hall receives charitable contribution

Skyuka Hall has been chosen as ‘Charity of the Year’ from an organization called Curve Cowboy Reunion.

The reunion is an international motorcycle federation and will be honoring the school with donation gifts. The private K-8 school is committed to providing a positive and rigorous learning experience for children with learning challenges. Representatives say the money raised through a car wash and silent auction will be put towards scholarships for the children. Dr. Josh Yother, Skyuka Hall Head of School said, "Two of the things we can’t control are finances and students. And immediately, the second I start sitting in the office, I get phone calls from good hearted people from around the country. Seeing a good cause and seeing that we are out to see children who learn differently be able to move forward and fulfill their purpose. It’s humbling and it’s quite an honor."

Curve Cowboy Reunion has contributed more than 2-hundred thousand dollars to charities since 2000. Curve Cowboy promotes three fundamental goals: presenting a positive view of motorcycling, promoting rider education and making a positive impact in communities through contributions to worthy institutions that serve children.

A silent auction will take place at the Chattanoogan from 4-9pm Thursday evening. All donations will go towards Skyuka Hall.

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