Skyy Mims Murder Trial Day 4

Dalton, GA (WDEF) – In day 4 in Skyy Mims murder trial the prosecution and defense are focusing on DNA evidence .

So far, they are talking about blood on the murder weapon, as well as orange or reddish tape that was placed on the handle of the murder weapon.

This is important because on day one of the opening statement, the prosecution began laying out the case that DNA from both the victim and Skyy Mims was on the weapon

There is a GBI forensic expert on the stand right now

Also, more people are showing up in the courtroom.

Most are from the community and just tell our Erik Avanier that they are interested in the case.

While there were not many observers earlier in the week, the courtroom is now packed

Erik also has been told that Skyy Mims is still wearing a shock belt because she has exhibited some strange behavior at the jail and during transport to the courthouse. 

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