Small Local Brewhouse Wins Gold Medal At Top Beer Festival

     It’s an unassuming little pub between Red Bank and Hixson, with a big secret, that’s not much of a secret any more.
     "People had been coming in for years saying ‘oh my god we knew it. This is the best beer there ever was.’ The word of mouth just went like wildfire," said McHale’s owner Sidney Isom Hale.
     Now that little brewery on Ashland Terrace is home to the nation’s best Scottish Ale. Scottish Pride took the gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival.
     "The Miller Coors company was there, the biggest breweries down to the smallest breweries, this was just a showdown for everybody."
     Brewmaster Adam Hale perfects his liquid gold in a small room at McHale’s pub, hardly comparable to the big brewhouses nationwide.
     "I had a hard time believing it could stand up to some of the larger breweries that have so much invested in their equipment. Whereas our equipment it so limited. We are using things like plastic fermentors, so it really was unexpected. I thought there would be a lot of flaws in the beer because of our process but I’m reassured now. I’m pretty excited about getting more advanced equipment to push it even further."
      A push that could lead to bigger awards in the future.
      "I’d like to try out with the World Beer cup next year. This will get us competing with European breweries. I lived for 8 months in the Czech Republic. I was so in love with the beer I had there and so sad that it was not available here that it just came into my mind that I could try making my own."
       But just making the beer is reward enough. "That’s where I feel happy is seeing the people enjoying it."
      "Beer…that’s what it is about…making people happy."
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