Soccer Fans Do Goat Yoga to Get Free CFC Ticket

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Looks like the CFC has gone off the deep end for their latest ticket promotion.
Goat yoga. If you showed up at the CFC sponsored session Thursday, you got a free ticket to Saturday night’s home game. And you know what, people actually did it.

When you let the goats loose for a yoga session. Yeah it’s hard to keep a straight face. I mean come on. Look. People doing yoga with goats. Melody Nash is the owner of Goat Yoga Nashville.
Said Nash:”Obviously yoga. Stretching, and then laughter. Connecting with animals, and that whole combination. And those endorphins that you feel as all those things are happening.”
Reporter:”What is it that goats bring that maybe dogs or cats couldn’t do?”
Said Nash:”Goats natural instinct is to climb and jump. So if you’re in a yoga pose, and you’re low to the ground, they will naturally jump on you.”
So what’s it like when humans stretch with goats?
Said Lydia Miller:”I think I was nervous at first, but they’re so sweet, so it’s really not nerve-wracking at all.”
Said Alainah Campbell:”And you can tell that they are used to it. Jumping on people. Being held. They know the drill.”
Said Sally Peixoto:”And there are some good stretches in there. Just delightful. You’re like ready to have a good moment, and then oh, it’s so cute! There’s a goat on me! (laughs)
Now some yoga poses are no joke.
Goat don’t care. Whee! I’m a goat.
Said Stacey Schaller:”Some of the poses like the crow pose I can do on my own. Definitely challenging doing it with a goat, so I feel like it’s a good kind of challenge. Learning how to distribute weight with another creature on your back.”
It seems the creatures get restless after awhile. Maybe there is a price to pay for a free CFC ticket after all. Then again, maybe not.
Reporter:”Is this the craziest thing you guys have ever done to get a free sports ticket?”
Said Campbell:”Probably yeah.
Said Miller:”Probably.”(laughs)

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