Social networking site ranks Tennessee as an unsafe state

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A new study says Tennessee is not a safe place to live.

Social Networking website WalletHub is known for ranking best and worst cities for families but when the company decided to look at the safest states to live in, Tennessee did not get good reviews.

In fact, Out off all 50 states, Tennessee ranks 49th when it comes to overall safety. Meaning it’s one of the least safest followed by Arkansas. uses several safety categories to determine the order.

"Financial safety,driving safety, workplace safety, natural disaster safety and last but one of the most important is home and community safety," said WalletHub CEO Odysseas Papadimitriou.

Crime falls under home and community safety and that category alone is giving Tennessee a bad rap. Murder, manslaughter, sex offenses and assaults get very high marks across the state.

So should the number of tourist who visit the state year round be concerned? And do Tennessee resident agree with the findings?

"It makes me really think the whole walk we made last night. Makes me a little nervous. I’d be glad to get back to my home state of South Carolina," said tourist David Truitt.

"Well I’d say that’s completely untrue and I’d want to know who did those rankings. I fell completely safe in Tennessee," said Nashville resident Stacy Faircloth.

Folks at WalletHub say the data doesn’t lie.  And that means a lot of work needs to be done to see better results next June during National Safety Month.

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