Soddy-Daisy Food Bank Gets Large Donation

The Soddy Daisy Food Bank is $10,000 richer Friday afternoon, thanks to BI-LO.

The food bank won the money by beating out more than 800 other groups in four states.

BI-LO Boosters Plus allows the public to donate one-percent of every grocery purchase to a school, church or other nonprofit organization of their choice.
The Soddy-Daisy Food Bank got the most support, so it won the prize money from BI-LO.

Ray Woodall, Director of Operations with Soddy-Daisy Food Bank, says, "As you there’s quite a few people in this part of the county that have moderate to severe food insecurities and that’s part of our charter at the Soddy-Daisy Food Bank to help those families and children in those families to have better nourishment and stuff."

The program ran from August 1st of last year through May 31st of this year.

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