Soldier Surprises Kids

10-year old Madi, 6-year old Abi and 4-year old Jax just thought they were getting their picture taken with Santa.

Little did they know, their dad, Sergeant William "Michael" Cravey was right behind them.

It wasn’t until they looked through their pictures with Santa that they realized two familiar faces were posing behind them.

And even then, they thought it couldn’t be there Dad.

"That guy looks like daddy," said Abi.

After a second glance, all three kids jumped up and rushed to hug their dad.

Sergeant Cravey wasnt expected home until February.

But after a change of plans, he’s home for Christmas and family members say hopefully home for good.

Shoppers and families in line to see Santa were equally as surprised and they were quickly brought to tears.

As for Santa Claus, he helped bring them together on this special occasion, but even he couldn’t take credit for a gift like this.

It took a few days and several plane rides between Afghanistan and Chattanooga to have Sergeant Cravey home for the holidays.

Catharine Wells with the Hamilton Place Mall says this is the first surprise homecoming she’s been a part of in her seven years at the mall.

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