Should someone shut down the Blue Cove Hideaway?

RICEVILLE, Tenn. (WDEF) – After the second drowning in a year, the McMinn County Sheriff is taking air at the Blue Cove Hideaway at a rock quarry in Riceville.

Sheriff Joe Guy says “Stay away from this place. It’s dirty and it’s unsafe, and we are going to set up our enforcement around it.”

See the full story here.

from Sheriff Joe Guy

from Sheriff Joe Guy

But owner Charlie Womac tells News 12 Now a different story.

He says people sign a waiver before going in. And you can’t tell adults what they can and can’t do.

Womac posted this sign after the first drowning.

Blue Cove Hideaway

On social media, people post pictures and video of the fun they are having fun.

So you tell us on the News 12 Now Facebook page. Should someone shut this place down or force safety restrictions? Or is that going too far and robbing McMinn County of a unique adventure?

Blue Cove Hideaway


Not gonna lie, this was a pretty sweet adventure

Rachel Marilyn △⃒⃘

I can’t even deny, I love this s***. #fearless #rush #adrenaline #adrenalinejunkie #tn #hashtaggingatlanta #gopro #staytrue #stayweird

Blue Cove Hideaway


i say ill jump, i never do @ Blue Cove Hidaway

Here is the give and take on Facebook at the Blue Cove Hideaway page between a friend of the victim and a Blue Cove supporter:

Maria Bonnie Maharaj

waivers or no waivers ur operating a business without a license. He knew and I guess clearly u know what it’s like there in the water and how filthy it is at the same time it’s bull s*** he does get the blame period point blank but let it be your close friend though
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Trisha Womac

Would u rather someone sneak in and not be found for days cause they wanted to go cliff diving because that’s what happens when quarries are abandoned your right waivers or no waivers doesn’t matter I’m sorry about your friend it could have happened any where not just there if he had been at gee creek no one would have said anything no one warns them it’s
Dangerous there its common sense it appears your blaming the owner why? Where is it his fault he didn’t cause your friends death just because he allowed the public to go there.

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