South Pitt Senior E.J. Cagle Enjoys Kicking in Old School Square Toe Shoe

South Pittsburg, TN-(WDEF) South Pittsburg senior kicker E-J Cagle goes old school every Friday night.
He wears one of those 70’s relic kicking shoes as a straight-on kicker.
The foot-wear may look old fashion, but Cagle delivers where it counts.
E-J Cagle says he has been a straight-on kicker since the 8th grade.
When he got to high school, Pirates head coach Vic Grider kicked in with a square toe shoe and a toe curling strap.
Said Grider:”Actually one of my coaches as far as the strap goes, one of my coaches has a brother who owns a saddle shop. He specifically made that strap at his saddle shop for that purpose. But now we found the shoe on line. There is one company that still carries the shoe and sells them.”
Said Cagle:”Everybody says it looks like a dance shoe pretty much. It looks like a black dance shoe with a big square toe at the end.”
It must feel like a dance routine every Friday night for Cagle.
He also plays on the offensive and defensive line, so he has to do a shoe switch-a-roo after touchdowns and kickoffs.
Said Grider:”We have a guy on our staff on the sideline that is pretty much his entire job is to take care of the shoe during the course of the game and the strap, and get it to E.J. the minute we score.”
Reporter:”Have you ever figured out in one game how many times you are doing this swamp-o-rama?”
Said Cagle:”The most I’ve ever done it is 8 or 9 times I believe. That was pretty hard to go through when I was running down the field all the time.”
Cagle is Mr. Goody Two Shoe because he makes good on so many kicks.
Said Grider:”So much of kicking is a confidence thing. He has had some success. Therefore his confidence has gotten better, and he has gotten a lot stronger.”
Said Cagle:”Feels great when I kick the ball too. You hear that thud off the ball. It just feels amazing.”
Cagle would love to keep the shoe as a high school memento.
Said Cagle:”I’ve always just loved that shoe. That shoe has been through a lot with me. It’s crazy how it has worked and worked wonders for us.”

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