Spike in domestic violence arrests

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee -(WDEF) Domestic violence arrests spiked over the weekend.

Within a 48-hour time-span, nearly 30 people were arrested for domestic violence in and around Chattanooga. But according to Family Justice Center Director, Dr. Valerie Radu, the weekend arrest were just a tip of the iceberg.

"There were new statistics Friday in the state that says more than 50-percent of all crimes in Tennessee are domestic violence. And that is very troubling," Radu said.

Tennessee now ranks number 6 in the nation for domestic violence. In Chattanooga, numbers of reported cases are expected to sky-rocket  in July when the Family Justice Center officially opens.

"We’ll have about a 30-percent increase in reporting which is good," Radu said.

A 30-percent increase in reporting is considered good by experts because it means more victims are choosing to not stay silent about the abuse they encounter.

This past weekend, was the hottest of the year. It’s often suspected that when temperatures get hot, people become easily agitated; turning verbal disputes into dangerously physical altercations. But that’s hard to prove.

"It certainly  feel like we do see more people calling and more people asking for shelter or in our rape crisis center when it is warm. So it feels that way but there is no statistics that show that actually is the case," said Partnership for Families Senior Director Regina McDevitt.

It’s worth pointing out that every individual arrested over the weekend and charged with domestic violence has not yet been convicted. They are all awaiting their day in court.

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