Spring City Elementary’s Katie Newsome helps students love school

A child’s first few experiences with school can set the tone for the rest of their learning.

At Spring City Elementary, one special teacher makes sure her lessons stick with her kids.

Katie Newsome is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner…

Teacher Katie Newsome calls to a class of 1st graders, "If I am in a clean way, what am I?" They answer in chorus, "Cleanly…"

Katie Newsome’s 1st graders are learning all about suffixes.

Every little hand shoots in the air for a chance to answer the first year teacher’s questions, thanks in part to her various teaching methods, "It keeps it different, changing things up."

But it’s easy to spot the class’ favorite lessons.

The class sings, "Welcome, welcome dear neighbor…"

Georgette Boozer reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "Ms. Newsome teaches in songs so the students are able to learn much faster than normal."

The Spring City parent’s 7 year old Breanna often has trouble concentrating and used to hate school.

But Georgette says, thanks to her teacher learning is something Breanna enjoys, "I love to hear Breanna say ‘Read to me. Lets read a book.’ We can sit for hours and read and it’s because of the impact Ms. Newsome’s had on Breanna’s life."

The 1st grader says Ms. Newsome’s class is a blast…

Breanna says, "Yeah, it’s fun."

Ms. Newsome says it’s a two way street, "They are so open to hearing about new things and they have so many questions about things and its so fun and exciting to be able to pour into their lives a little bit."

She’s always known she wanted to be a teacher and she teaches her kids the way she likes to learn.

Ms. Newsome hopes to set a solid foundation for her students to love education, "It’s just a stepping stone for them. They may not remember me later in their life, but if they do I want them to remember something great."

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