Steve Bennett uses current events to teach for the future

When you’re teaching middle school students sometimes you have to think outside the box…

At Gordon Lee Middle School one high energy Social Studies teacher makes sure his lessons get through.

Steve Bennett is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner…

Social Studies teacher Steve Bennett asks his class, "Does anybody know what the first amendment is?"

Mr. Bennett makes sure every student wants to pay attention, "Why should kids hate school? I want them to look forward to coming each day."

The middle school teacher has a knack for connecting with his kids… using all the resources available, even television & current events.

Bennett says, "Their attention span’s different and they grew up in a media age so I think anything you can bring in to make it real life for them is what I try to do."

The involved learning style gets across to his kids.

Gordon Lee Sophomore Lea White reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "Every day he show’s some kind of news from the TV and shows us that there are people that can’t afford to have anything."

White had Mr. Bennett’s Social Studies class in the 7th grade.

She says his high energy and excitement for teaching make learning come naturally and the games he plays in class keep everyone involved, "I’ll never forget the last day of 6th grade I found out I’d get him. And my mom said Lea he’s the best teacher you’ll ever have."

For Mr. Bennett it’s all about helping his kids become responsible, engaged adults.

He’s goal is to teach his students to think for themselves and remember to treat others with kindness, "This is my 31st year and right now I still want to do it for 31 more years."

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