Stolen trailer from Cleveland church found

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — One of the trailers stolen from a church parking lot last week in Cleveland is recovered.

Kairos Prison Ministry was one of the groups that had trailers stolen from churches.
One of their trailers was found with about eighty percent of the contents.

Max Hughes, who works with Kairos Prison Ministry, looked through items in their recently found trailer.

Last week, this trailer and two others were stolen from the Trinity Presbyterian Church parking lot.

“A person from the church of where they were stolen actually saw the trailers and called the Cleveland Police Department. When they got there they actually found this trailer there with about 80 percent of the contents in both trailers on sight,” Hughes said.

It was found behind an old boat center.

“All of the contents were put into two bays of an old boat center and everything was just sitting around, all torn out of their cases all dumped. All of these totes that had the items and contents for the weekend, everything was dumped into one tote,” Hughes said.

The trailer looked a little different. Identifying plates were taken off and labels were painted over. Hughes realizes it could have been a lot worse.

“We were blessed to have actually have most of the contents there. We are still missing two trailers, one of ours and one of Cleveland Emmaus, and probably like 15 percent of the contents,” Hughes said.

Kairos has an upcoming event in less than a month, and the theft had them worried.

“Community support has been tremendous. We’ve had other Kairos councils offering thousands of dollars from other places across the country, giving us trailers, all sorts of things going on, several thousand dollars already came in to actually support us and that is going to be good going forward,” Hughes said.

As for the other trailers, Hughes is optimistic.

“I am believing the other trailers are going to be back.”

Cleveland Police are looking for the person responsible for the trailer theft.

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