Stretch mark bikini photo strikes a chord

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Our question of the day this morning really struck a chord on the News 12 Now Facebook page.

“What are your thoughts on Lane Bryant featuring a 30-year-old mother with stretch marks in a bikini?”

We got hundreds of responses and thousands of shares.

30 year old model Denise Bidot posted the photo from her Lane Bryant shoot on Instagram over the weekend and it went viral.

She says she first got stretch marks 8 years ago when her daughter was born.

But this is only the second time that a magazine did not photo shop the stretch marks away.

She captioned “Thank you @lanebryant for loving my body, stretch marks and all.”

Our Facebook friends couldn’t agree more.

Here are a few of their thoughts:

“Yes…looks better than a stick!!”

“I would like to have the courage to do something like this.”

“At least she got her stretch marks from having a kid. I got some from pizza and Philly cheese steaks.”


You can join the conversation on the News 12 Now Facebook page.

We posted our Question of the Day

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