Student Food Delivery

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF)- Teachers, administrators and cafeteria staff with stood in the rain early Monday morning to provide food for Bradley County families while students are out of school.

“We’re just trying to offer parents the opportunity to come by so they won’t have to worry about feeding their kids” said Emily Brown.

Some kids are not fortunate enough to have access to quality nutrition everyday.

Walker Valley High School Principal Nat Akiona wants to make sure no student is left behind, “Their best meal sometimes come from the school itself. So we’re happy to be out in this regard. We’re hoping to serve around meals today.”

Parents arrived one by one being handed breakfast and lunch.

It’s enough food to feed a child for at least two days and a way to fill the void when school is out of session.

“When school is closed we get very concerned whether those students are getting fed or not” said Walker Valley High School Cafeteria Manager Angie Paris.

Most of the prepared meals on this food truck were prepped at Ocoee Middle school a few miles down the road.

Although every one in Ocoee’s kitchen enjoys their job, preparing meals in bulk portions required taking some adjusting to.

“We’re all off of our schedules and it’s a different routine for us all. We’re are managing to get it all together but it is more strenuous” said Ocoee Food Services Manager Kelly Vail.

But Vail believes it’s all worth it.

“I love being able to come in and feed the kids knowing that they’re getting fed everyday.”

Bradley County is also delivering food at every designated bus route on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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