Students from Chattanooga Christian School help Howard High

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Students from Chattanooga Christian School are lending a helping hand to a nearby school.

CCS is helping the Howard School rebuild its drama department.

Mary Catherine Schimpf is the Director of the Theatre Program at Chattanooga Christian School.

“We entered their building it’s this big beautiful old facility; this theater with so much potential. So they really just are at such a fun point in their process where we were thrilled to jump in. And do whatever we can do to push it.”

The staff at Howard High School certainly appreciate the help.

John Lennon is the head of the Theatre Department at Howard.

“The fact that one theater group, one group of thespians recognizes the value and the necessity that they willing to reach out to us like that. And it affected us immediately. We’re neighbors I want to learn theater from them. They want to learn from me. But first we got to build it.”

Officials from both schools say the partnership is a great example of what private and public schools can do when they team up with each other.

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