Sudafed and Allergies

Sudafed is the drug that spells relief for many allergy sufferers.
It’s also a key ingredient in making methamphetamine.
Just a few years ago, Marion County had more meth labs than many other parts of the state, according to Sheriff "Bo" Burnett.
"In 2002, we were, you know, we were seizing 150, 160 labs a year. Grundy county doing the same. A lot of the law enforcement agencies in this area were doing the same thing."
Since 2005, all products with sudafed went behind the counter at all stores in Tennessee.
Then new laws limited the amount you can buy.
Right now, if you want to buy sudafed over the counter at a drug store you have to first show the pharmacy your license or state identification before you can buy anything.
Phil Smith is a Pharmacist at Access Family Pharmacy
"Currently, you can get, if you got the highest strength tablet they make, you get 24 tablets per month, or you can get 120 a year max. So that’s about 5 months worth if you took it everyday. It’s all computerized now. And we have had to turn some people down because of the limits."
Those limits on medication can be a pain for people with severe allergies, according to Morelle Lewis of Brainerd.
"I think it is kind of tough. Because I know for me, it’s been really bad this season. I’m getting drainage in my ear. I’ve been getting really sick and avoid coming outside. I can see how it is frustrating sometimes for people who can’t get what they need."
Dreama Campbell’s husband has to deal with this issue.
"My husband has allergy problems, and so it’s always an issue for him every year, especially this time of year."
It’s an issue for some, but not one that’s going to change anytime soon.
Law Enforcement agencies pushed for tighter restrictions on products with sudafed in them.
And many residents like Monique Baker of East Brainerd agree with them.
"Even though it does make it inconvenient for the common folk that don’t do stuff like that, it’s, it’s, I still think it’s a precautionary thing that needs to be done."

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