Sunday night fire damages several garbage trucks

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Two people walking by alerted the fire department Sunday evening when they saw smoke at the Chattanooga Public Works storage yard on 12th street.

It ended up being garbage trucks on fire. Catching the fire early may have saved the city a lot of money.

Chattanooga Public Works Director Justin Holland said, “The trucks that we lost are the typical um, mechanical collection trucks with one arm, that collects the container and dumps overhead, um, they’re estimated about two hundred and sixty thousand dollars, uh, in replacement costs. We did lose one, uh, fairly new truck, and two older trucks, and then we’ve got two additional trucks that have some significant damage to the body and the hydrolic systems.”

The trucks were parked side by side under a shelter. But so far, no confirmation as to the cause.

“It looks like where the fire started uh, it could have been electrical uh, its really unknown though …as to why the fire started.” said Justin Holland.

The city of Chattanooga is self-insured..and total cost of the fire hasn’t been determined.

Justin Holland continued, “And so we’re fortunate that it didn’t spread to the building and it only damaged what it did ..we’ve taken some measures to make sure it doesn’t happen much as we can.”

How will the loss of that many garbage trucks affect the customers?

Justin Holland states, “Yeah, there won’t be any interruption of service..uh, we may see–residents may see a delay in service..and certainly uh some residents may see a change in the way their garbage is collected with the rear-load garbage trucks. We still college garbage. uh…every day.”

Fire inspectors are still looking for the cause.


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