Super Tuesday in Hamilton County

Sharron Blankenship is a member of the Hamilton County Republican Women’s Club and said she is ready to the outcome of Super Tuesday.

“We want to see how much momentum each one of the candidates has got and try to figure out our game plan for going forward.”

That momentum was building throughout the night.

It brought both Hamilton County Republicans and Democrats to their TV screens to see who will be taking the win in each state involved in Super Tuesday Primary Elections.

Ryan Scofield, a Clinton Campaign Volunteer and supporter, said he is eager to see who will go head to head come November.

“She has so much experience, not only in government as a politician, but also on the sidelines having worked in…or having helped out in her husband’s administration, not only as president but also as governor of Arkansas.”

But Scofield says the Republican front runner, Donald Trump, is not cut out for the job.

“What he says does sound attractive, but it’s not realistic.”

The Hamilton County Republican watch party brought out a variety of Republican supporters.

Elizabeth Thomas, a member of the Hamilton County Young Republicans Club said she’s ready to see a fresh face in the White House.

“Clinton was elected the year I was born. So my whole life there’s been a Clinton in office, and I’m ready to somebody different.”

Councilman Chris Anderson announced his support for Clinton Monday and said he’s ready for there to be another Clinton in the Oval Office.

“She’s fought her whole life for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. I think this country is ready for a woman in the White House…and you’re going to see one come this January.”

Republican voter James Ellis says at the end of the day it’s about who has stood by their word since day one.

“We need to absolutely look at the person’s record on how they stood before they started running for president because a person’s that in politics they’ll tell you anything to get you to vote for them, but it’s you know what’s they stood for in the past.”

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