Supermarket Guru Report for week of 5/4

Hampton Creek Just Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip is a HIT.
This container makes about 16 cookies – one tablespoon of dough each. Nothing to add bake for about ten minutes. The aroma is wonderful (better than my grandmothers cookies) and the taste is just as good if not better. I like my cookies thin and crispy and was able to bake them exactly that way; and the semi-sweet chips are wonderful. No cholesterol and no eggs – and one cookie is about 100 calories, 5 grams of fat and 8 grams of sugars. I could see making chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches and be the envy of all my neighbors! Look for it in the dairy case. Retails for $5.49 for 14oz. Total Score is 86.

Divina Roasted Red Tomatoes is a HIT.
Wow! Not what I expected. These roasted tomatoes are plump, sweet and flavorful. I could eat the whole jar just by themselves. I could see adding these to fish, salads, omelets and of course pasta! They are made with both canola and extra virgin olive oil – i’d like to see them just packed in the olive oil and a touch more garlic – otherwise perfection. Six tomatoes are just 45 calories, 3 1/2 grams of fat 120 mg of sodium and 2 grams of sugars. I’m also going to try these grilled lightly on the BBQ. Retails for $7.99 for 10 oz. Total Score is 89.

Perky Jerky Jamaican Style is a HIT.
This latest flavor of Perky Jerky is one of the best yet. Tender turkey breast with a blend of sweet and spicy with red, Jalapeño and Ancho peppers mixed in! make this a terrific snack – or add it to salads! Gluten-free, zero fat, no MSG, No nitrites. 60 calories for half a bag which is one ounce. 6 grams of protein, 8 grams of sugars (I wish that was lower) and 370 mg of sodium. Made in the US and uses only turkey raised without added hormones or antibiotics and raised on a vegetarian diet. Retails for $4.99 for 2.2 oz. Total Score is 90.

Van’s SImply Delicious Creamy Herb & Garlic is a HIT.
This recipe of brown rice flour and lentil flour is simply divine – and probably the best gluten free pasta I’ve had!I love that the penne is red (colored with beet and tomato). One serving about 2 1.2 ounces is a full serving of whole grains – 28 grams, 320 calories and 11 grams of protein. The only drawback is the preparation takes work. you have to heat your own milk and butter and then mix with the herb and garlic packet – but it is worth it! No artificial anything and delicious. Retails for $3.99 for 7.2 oz. Total score is 90.

Frieda’s Inc. Purple Snow Peas is my PICK OF THE WEEK.
I love these. Great to get kids to eat more vegetables. Great to add color to any stir fry, salad or main course. Snow peas are an excellent source of Vitamin C, fiber and folate. Purple pods with green peas inside and in season only November through May so you better hurry. Under 40 calories for half a bag with zero fat, 3 grams of protein and 5 grams of naturally occurring sugars. Freida’s does it again! Retails or $2.99 for 6 oz. Total score is 93.

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