Swanson’s Sage Burning ‘Sparked’ Atlanta’s Offense in Win Over the Cubs Monday

After that dismal, one hit performance in Sunday’s double-header against Arizona, something had to give for the Braves on Monday.
That’s when Dansby Swanson said you know what. I’m going to burn some sage.
Must have worked. The Braves bats came alive in an 8-7 victory over the Cubs.

Before Monday’s game with the Cubs…there was Dansby Swanson…burning sage all over Truist Park.
Said Swanson:”All year I’m like hey y’all. If it gets to a point, I’m brining some sage in here. I think yesterday was finally to that point. I pretty much walked the entire ounce. Not ounce, but every bit of area that you could find in this place I went into it.”
Reporter:”What do you think about the power of burning sage?”
Said first baseman Freddie Freeman:”(ha-hah) He told me he was going to do it yesterday, if he could find some. I walked into the club house today, and it definitely smelled like sage. I made sure to tell him to get to our game bats because they sit in a shopping cart locked away, so we made sure to get to those.”
Reporter:”What do you think about the power of burning sage?”
Said manager Brian Snitker:”Well it’s my first experience with it. (chuckles) If it works, we’ll do it again. Like I’ll plant some of it. I don’t know.” (laughter)
Reporter:”It even got you opposite field power back.”
Said Swanson:”Yeah I know. I know. I may have to bring some tomorrow too.”
Whether it was the power of sage or not, Atlanta’s offense redeemed itself quickly on Monday with a four run first inning.
Said Freeman:”It was nice to get those four runs in the first inning to calm everybody down. Get some run support. It’s just nice. We played a good ballgame. Bats came alive. Consistent at-bats.”
Reporter:”Freddie, how bout how you bounced back after Kris Bryant ties it up, and then you guys score more runs.”
Said Freeman:”That’s how we’ve been the last three or four years. That’s what good teams do. It doesn’t matter what happens in the game, we’re going to bounce back.”

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