Syndicated radio personality Robert D. Raiford dies

CHARLOTTE, NC (WDEF) – An original John Boy and Billy big Show personality has died.

Robert D. Raiford was 89 years old.

His career began as a radio newsman, who worked the funeral of President Kennedy for CBS.

He found a second life working as a “curmudgeon at large” on the syndicated John Boy & Billy Big Show, airing in Chattanooga on KZ-106.

For 30 years, he offered commentaries for the show, both serious and whimsical.

The avid motorcyclist also raised thousands of dollars by joining celebrity charity rides.

Our Chip Chapman got an autographed photo from him on one of those rides that brought him to Chattanooga.

Raiford also appeared for KZ-106 at several Riverbend Festivals.

Raiford finally retired from the airwaves in 2015, after suffering a stroke.

You can read more in the Charolotte Observer obituary.

Here is one notorious commentary that he barely got through (warning: sensitive material)

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