Talking with Your Kids about Bullying

The program sheet advised parents not to bring their children to the meeting due to the sensitive and graphic nature of some of the topics that were discussed.

Parents and community members filled Ooltewah United Methodist church, ready to learn about the proper way to talk their kids about those issues.
Valeria Radu is the Executive Director for Family Justice Center said discussions like this are important.

"I think that there’s a lot parents and caregivers in the community and concerned citizens who are just wanting to know how to keep their kids safe. Especially as an adult when there’s difficult questions or topics that you as an adult need to be open to your kid. Their reactions are going to be really different based on that child and based on their age. No reaction is really abnormal.".

Panelists said when a child witnesses something horrific it can be damaging to them if they don’t seek help and talk about it.

Dr. Steve Highlander wasn’t there for all of the meeting, but came towards the end to share why this discussion is so important.

"Several parents approached me saying they would like to know better how to deal with bullying and harassment. And so we put, we were very fortunate to get a panel of experts to come. I am very concerned that they do talk to their children. That’s one of the worst mistakes they can do ii not do anything."

Dr. Highlander said parents have to step up and be prepared for anything.

"Parenting is not for sissies. You need to be a parent and you also need to have a listening ear and I certainly hope they do. I hope and pray the parents will be better equip because of meetings like this."
He says there are more meetings like this that are scheduled in the next few weeks.

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