Tax-Free Weekend in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The first day of Tax-Free weekend is bringing smiles from shoppers and merchants.

The turn-out has been better than expected in some stores.

The main group of shoppers today were trying to get their kids ready for school in a couple of weeks.

Office Depot made sure its stores were well stocked.

Store Manager Donald Key said,  “We went around and gathered up a lot of clearance items from other stores–see Georgia didn’t have “Tax-free” this time. So, we’re expecting a lot of people to come up from Georgia market into the Chattanooga stores and take advantage of the Tennessee tax- free.”

Out at the mall, you could get a list of all the sale items from their webpage,, before you get there.

This shopping day is a little different from others.

Key says tax-free day is his store’s Christmas in July. “Black Friday, everybody rushes in, and they’re in here at 6 o’clock. But on tax free day, it sort of grows throughout the day. ”

There are still two shopping days to go.

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