Tax Free Weekend In Tennessee Continues

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) It’s probably the best deal you’re going to find as kids heads back to school.
Whether its a laptop or another "must-have" item—this tax-free weekend in Tennessee is the time to buy it.

JOSHUA HOKE, GEEK SQUAD, BEST BUY "What these actually give you is kind of a diversified effect…you know you can do school work, you can use it for can actually run a business of here..and this is the IPAD mini2."

Tax free weekend is a great time to buy school clothes…..or back packs…or athletic supplies. But, when it comes to saving money…most people start looking for big ticket items like almost everything here at Best Buy.

JOSHUA HOKE "These new watches are very popular…whether it be school kids..a wide variety of what it does…you know it’ll give you notification for the text messages, it’ll give you weather alerts….it’ll give you anything your phones will give you for notification expect its right there on your wrist."

And, with prices ranging from 200 to 500 dollars—tax free, the store was crowded with people looking at them, and new electronics in every department.

KAITLYN BROADWAY, HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT "How much can you save on a thing like this? I’d say quite a bit…cause tax usually runs pretty high on electronics."

There was also interest in the new windows program.

JOSHUA HOKE "WINDOWS 10 was a big roll-out about last week…so it brought back the start bar…which people have always loved…not the tiles brought back just the general ease of using the computer."

Which made it a hot item on this tax-free weekend. Windows 10 is free but the store guarentees the installation.
It was a busy day at electronics stores, and most other retailers. Tomorrow should be the same. Saturdays on Tax free weekends is one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

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