TDOT Commits to Immediate but Temporary Fix to Many Chattanooga Potholes

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – “This month’s back to back winter storms have created several new potholes along our interstates and state routes,” says Rae Anne Bradel, Community Relations Officer for TDOT.

When water enters cracks in the roadways and then freezes, it expands causing pavement to weaken and crack. The result is roadways filled with holes which has been the bane of local drivers and led recent campaign promises. But the TDOT is promising an immediate fix, though it’s temporary.

“We want folks to know that we are dedicating all available staffing and resources to repair these potholes as quickly as possible,” says Bradley. With frigid temps, they have a unique method to fix the holes.

“Cold mix is currently what’s being used for repairs. It’s what we use as a temporary fix during cold weather. We have to wait until the weather warms up to make more permanent repairs to these potholes,” says Bradley.

TDOT crews have already begun some work on roadways around Chattanooga. Bradley says they will be doing more work this Wednesday and Thursday night, weather permitting.

“We want drivers to know that we try to schedule these highway repairs on off peak travel times to not interfere with rush hour and things of that nature but drivers might see some short term delays,” says Bradley.

Potholes can be reported to TDOT on their maintenance request form at

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